Wharf Apartments​

Lisarow Glass recently completed this glazed awning at Belmont using clear toughened laminated glass panels supplied by G James.

The glass type and thickness of 25.52mm was engineered to withstand the liveloads and deadloads that the panels will be subjected to over the 2 meter span between steel rafters.

Panels sizes were obtained onsite, transferred into AutoCAD and then the CAD files were supplied directly to G James for production. By providing our supplier with digital files of the glass panes we were able to minimise costs, narrow our margin for error and shorten production lead times.

The panels were hoisted into position by Sydney Glass Lifters and glazed by Lisarow Glass personnel. A great result by our team.

If you need a glazed awning or glass roof please call 1300 88 33 01 or email sales@lisarowglass.com.au

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