A glass roof is the perfect way to maximise available sunlight, prevent unwanted weather, and add value to your project. All glass roofs are different, therefore each one must be individually designed and engineered to meet Australia’s glazing standards.


Frameless glass panes can be suspended with stainless steel patch fittings, spider fittings or tension rods to create a truly frameless effect. Panel sizes can be pre-determined from architectural plans or obtained onsite. Each panes shape and size is transferred into AutoCAD and then the CAD files are sent directly to one of our glass suppliers for production.


By providing our supplier with digital files rather than timber templates we are able to minimise our clients costs, minimise production errors and shorten lead times. After arriving in our factory each glass pane will underego quality and accuracy checks before being delivered to site. Panes are then hoisted into position and glazed by Lisarow Glass site personnel.


Frameless glass lift shafts can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to any building. Glazing can be achieved by fully encapsulating the steel structure for a fully frameless effect, or Glass panels can fully A lift shafts steel structure can be fully enclosed by glass panels or...  


So if you are thinking of adding a lift to your luxury home or commercial project, why not make it out of frameless glass.


Frameless glass windows and doors perfectly complement modern contemporary architecture providing clean and unbroken lines while maximum light and allowing unobstructed access to your view. 


From concealed perimeter channels that create a seamless transparent extension of your building allowing you to maximise your view to internal glass partitioning that affords a sense of openness and space.


In a commercial setting, frameless glass entries and shopfronts as well as frameless glass doors and windows add a stylish addition to any business frontage showcasing your reception area or allowing visual access to merchandise and product displays beyond.   


A popular architectural design feature, frameless glass balustrades and pool fencing offer a safe and seamless elegance that compliments stylish modern design providing an unobstructed view of your surroundings.


When used as a feature in stairwells, farmless glass balustrades required a cap or hand rail to comply with the safety code requirement unless the glass itself is designed to be a structural component.


A frameless glass operable wall is a great way to maximise your view without compromising functionality. Perfect for entertaining areas an operable glass wall will allow you to easily combine internal and external spaces.


The two main options are folding door panels and stacking door panels. Folding doors are hinged together at their top and bottom rails and can be opened to one side of an opening or both to suit the application. Stacking doors panels are independant of each other and can be stacked into a parking bay located at either side of an opening or in a concealed wall space or cupboard. Both systems are top hung from a head track that is recessed into the ceiling.

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